"Whose Oar is This" Podcast

Is a weekly show designed to bring you the principles and practices to increase your influence and lead a life by example. Join me and special guests as we discuss how to lead a high performance life. 

Your Past Does Not Predict Your Future!

From drug abuse to sexual abuse, April has experienced what many would consider major stumbling blocks to achieving any success, yet she has found strength through her struggle. Today I am joined by someone who refuses to allow her past to predict her future and as a result, has become a force for good. As she put's it "I went from drug dealer to dream dealer." Enjoy the latest episode with Women's Empowerment Coach, April Hawley! 

It's Not What You Can't Do, It's What You Won't Do.

Often times I meet people who are after a moving target called "Success." I would have you consider that your job is not to chase it, but have it chase you. In this episode I share a perspective that one of my mentors shared with me that ultimately led to the success I have today. 

Your Gifts Will Make Room Wherever You Are w/ Tuan Nguyen

Facing a prison sentence that would last the rest of his adult life, Tuan had a decision to make while behind bars. He always knew there was more for him, he just didn't know how to access it. Little did he know that it would take for him to surrender a life of struggle for one of significance. Join me as I sit down with my guest, Tuan Nguyen as he shares how your gifts will meet you wherever you are in life.

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Forging Your Future Through Forgiveness

 We all have people in our life that have hurt us, wronged us, and made us feel some kind of way. One of the major Pivot Points that I had in life came through the power of forgiveness. Once you realize that people don't treat people the way they deserve but by the way they actually see themselves, you begin to understand that hurt people....hurt people.  As always make sure to share this episode with someone who needs to hear it and don't forget to join the discussion in the LEAD360 FB Group. 


The Mindset Needed To Win

I believe that if more people would focus on the mindset and really question their thoughts and beliefs that may have served them up until now, they can take inventory and realize that the same level of thinking that has gotten you where you are today is not going to be the same level of thinking. That's going to get you to where you desire to be. The mindset needed to win is really a couple of things that I personally found to work for me and for clients that I coach and train on leadership and development.

You Can Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying w/ Mike Nicholson

After climbing the ranks of the military and thriving both personally and professionally, life handed Mike what many would consider a major setback. After going in for what was supposed to be routine bloodwork he received the devastating diagnosis of Leukemia.

Join me as I sit down with my guest Mike Nicholson and talk about how you turn a setback into a setup and how to get up when life tries to knock you down!